Before/After School

image sample Le Club provides high quality school age care by well trained early childhood educators. Each program benefits from an exciting selection of engaging materials, carefully selected by dedicated teachers who determine the need for resources based on in depth observations of children and detailed documentation of their investigations. All Le Club teachers have committed themselves to intensive professional development initiatives within their community and at locations around the world.

Children Are Capable, Competent and Curious

image sampleSchool age children are industrious initiative takers who like to learn new things, challenge themselves physically and express themselves artistically. At Le Club children are offered a wide variety of opportunities to engage in exciting activities including; dance and drama, water colour, painting, sculpture, pottery, drawing and various sports. Based on the natural drive of children to understand their experiences, their world, themselves and others, Le Club teachers use prevocational techniques to spark the interests of the children as they engage in long term investigations of people and things in the world around them. Any activity that arises from a child’s innate sense of curiosity and wonder provides intrinsic motivation for learning. Children are capable, competent and able to direct the course of their own discoveries, investigations and learning.

Children Are In Control of Their Own Learning

image sampleChildren take an active role in the process of building their own knowledge and in understanding the workings of the natural environment. While engaged in long term investigations, children have many opportunities to utilize symbol systems; an essential skill to all learning in the disciplines of math, science and literature. Through self-initiated activities children become masters of their own world. Children who control their own learning are more independent, socially connected, self controlled, and self reliant. When children choose the direction of their explorations and investigations, their discoveries are enhanced by fellow peers and teachers as they learn collaboratively.

Children Naturally Experiment, Construct, Invent, Question and Play

image sampleYoung children, particularly those in the school age years, are born scientists who engage in a process of spontaneous research as they act upon the world around them to discover new meanings, test hypotheses, solve problems and discover unique ways to explore their world.
In the quest to find answers to the many mysteries that cause them to wonder, children naturally immerse themselves in environments that are interesting, stimulating, engaging and empowering. When answers are not forthcoming, children invent solutions, ask new questions and try out their ideas in play. At Le Club, children are given every opportunity to be a positive agent in their world, where the only limit to their creativity and inventiveness is their limitless imagination. The early childhood educators at Le Club engineer environments that stimulate all children; build a sense of community and create warmth and aesthetic pleasure.

Communities Are Built Through Cooperation and Autonomy

image sampleThe school age child stands at the door step of becoming an actively engaged, self actualized, competent citizen of our greater society.
At Le Club, teachers, families and children come together as a greater whole to build a strong sense of community. Through a child generated charter of rights, peace tables, elections for Le Club program governments and team building activities, children master the cultural tools necessary to participate in a just society. Le Club teachers balance the ethics of cooperation and autonomy in each program to create a strong gathering place and to build upon each child’s individual strengths and skills as integral members of their community.